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since 1938


For over 80 years, Acme Metals & Recycling has been a leader in state-of-the-art recycling services.  Our personalized and professional approach makes a difference when you are looking for the right business to handle your recycling needs.


Acme Metals & Recycling is a full service company that provides consultations, on-site evaluations, plant dismantling, demolition services, and more to all of Southern New England and Eastern New York. By utilizing a network of affiliates, we can expand our service area to include virtually all of the Eastern part of the United States. We receive all materials at our Springfield, Massachusetts facility or we can provide containers, cranes, trucks, and trailers to collect and transport your materials to our recycling plant. Acme Metals & Recycling also handles paper and plastic recycling.

We provide steel mills, paper mills, foundries, and overseas markets with valuable materials recycled from our facilities.  Our commitment to world-class service makes our services the first choice for many leading industries.


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide comprehensive recycling services for businesses of all sizes.  The professionals at Acme Metal and Recycling take pride in working efficiently to provide you with the best service that meets all of your expectations.

We will work with you to devise the best plan for the collection, transport and processing of your recyclable materials. We will provide a competitive quote for our innovative services.

Our first priority is to our customers.  Our superior reputation, with over 80 years in the recycling business, was built by placing quality work and customer satisfaction at the forefront of our company.


Our History

Acme Metals & Recycling is a family owned and run company that still adheres to the strong work ethic of its resourceful founder.  Charles Cohen began the business with a horse and wagon, collecting old clothes, rags, pots, pans, paper, and anything else that could be resold and reused.

In 1938, following a printers’ strike, he was joined by his son Myer, a journeyman printer at the local newspaper  Later they opened up a yard in downtown Springfield named Acme Junk Company.  By 1958, the business had outgrown its very small yard and the company moved to its current location.

Myer Cohen’s son-in-law, George Sachs, came on board in 1966.  George’s background as an engineer allowed the company to become the second scrap processor in Massachusetts to purchase and install a state-of-the-art 300-ton hydraulic guillotine shear.

By 1972, the new buzz-word for the scrap industry and the rest of the nation was “recycling.”  Realizing that this concept was going to fuel the industry, George and Myer changed the name of the company to Acme Metals & Recycling, Inc.

George runs the business as President and Treasurer.  He values his employees, some of whom have worked for Acme for 40 years.  Their dedication has helped make the company an innovator in the recycling industry.

Our Services

  • Roll-off and Container Service

  • Waste Removal and Disposal Service

  • Demolition Service

  • Plant Dismantling Service

  • Recycling of All Metals & Paper

  • Certified Destruction Service

We cover all of Southern New England and Eastern New York.

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